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When you decide to relocate your residence or office you may be thinking of it as painless and effortless but relocating or shifting from one place to another is pretty much troublesome and takes ample amount of your time if you do not plan it smartly. There are lots of things to consider like planning, organizing and getting it done perfectly on time.

Please go through the below mentioned checklist and things to do before relocating.

Make list of items to be moved

It is always better to know the size and weight of the large items which are to be packed and moved. This helps the movers to provide you with the transport vehicle or cargo container as per your inventory. Based on your precise inventory size movers can provide you with best quote.

Take measurements of your large equipments and furniture’s

Prepare a list or keep a record of items to be moved. Write it down or prepare inventory in a soft form of items to be packed in each box. Name or number the boxes as per contents this will make lots of things easier when unpacking.

Get multiple quotes from bidshippers for all your transportation needs

Plan your relocation at least or prior two months to research and get the best deal from the professional and reputable movers company from bidshippers. You can go through the transporters to check whether it is suitable to you as per your needs based on the transporter profile on bidshippers.

Get corrugated and safety boxes

You need boxes to pack the various items in your residence or office like kitchen utensils or fragile items and also for bed and bath room items. It is always better to keep the original packing’s of your appliances and items but if you do not have then approach to your friends if they can provide. You can buy the boxes from the retailers or online as per your requirement or you can have the packing done by the professional packers.

Label the boxes according to type of room

Label your boxes accordingly with the type of contents and room type. Label fragile items clearly in order to handle them properly. This will help you to keep an inventory of your items and also during unpacking.

Start packing items least in use

It is always better to plan your packing prior on time with the items which are not used frequently or hardly used. Always keep a record of value of special or expensive items in order to take the insurance and label them accordingly. Items such as jewelry or important papers must be personally transported.

Sell or donate unwanted items

Once your checklist is created you know the unwanted items you can sell them in your neighborhood or on websites. Also there are NGO’s and trusts that can take items which you do not need like clothes, shoes, bicycle. It is better to donate such items if you are thinking of just throwing it away.

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