Cancellations & Refunds

A “Cancellation” occurs when the User has to cancel after a tender was accepted on the Platform but before any Services are performed. After a bid is accepted and the TruckOwner/driver communicates directly, occasionally one or both of the parties may determine that they cannot complete the transaction. Cancellations should only be requested after reasonable attempts have been made to reach an agreeable solution and it is certain that the services that were booked on the Platform will not be performed. When either Party requests a cancellation, the other party will be notified and  refunds and other charges will be paid as per the company’s refunds and cancellation policy.

Customers shall be charged for the cancellations in the event, where the Customer has paid an advance which shall be 10% of the paid amount. Business Customers will have to keep pay security deposit and when there is a cancellation, 5% cancellation charges shall be deducted from the approved amount.

If the approved bid is canceled by the Transporter, the Customer will have to bear the difference amount of the next/closest bid. Any kind of delayed pick up & delayed delivery will be charged at the rate of Rs 500/day which will be adjusted by the Customer at the time of payment. If the shipment goods are found to be different from the shipment order placed by the Customer then, the Transporter has the right to cancel the order or the both parties can agree on new terms and payments.

Refunds will be processed after deducting the necessary charges on the same account from which the payment is made by the respective payment gateway.

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